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The Dentist on Merrin

Welcome to Dentist on Merrin, our dental clinic is a convenient modern dental practice that provides the highest quality and professional dental and oral hygiene services. Utilizing modern technology and well trusted equipment, our treatments are very up-to-date in the wide dental area.

At Dentist on Merrin, Dr Hua Gao and his highly trained team make sure our patients receive an extraordinary level of professional dental care. Treating our clients with compassion and sensitivity, we strive to delivery the best care and quick response to any questions or concerns you may have. So you would feel comfortable in visiting our dental practice every time.

Serving Christchurch and Canterbury, we provide all aspects of your dental needs from family and general dentistry to cosmetic and implant dentistry, as well as emergency treatment. We use the very latest techniques, materials and technologies to provide you with a healthy, confident smile. Also we will do our best to help you obtain the best dentistry to meet your needs: financially, time-wise and with comfort and compassion. If you haven’t been to dentist for a long time, don’t be scared or worried, there is no judgement here, better late then too late.

Call us now to book your annual check-up. New clients and patients to Christchurch are always welcome.

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45 Merrin St 


Christchurch 8042




PH: 03 3589662

AH: 02102267256